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2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale

2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale
2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale
2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale
2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale
2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale
2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale

SF90 XX Stradale has three electric motors, one located between the ICE and the gearbox and two on the front axle. In this instance, they deliver a maximum of 233 cv or 171 kW, thanks to the patented extra boost vehicle dynamics logic, an absolute first on a Prancing Horse road car. The SF90 XX Stradale’s high performance lithium-ion battery powers the three motors, guaranteeing a 25km range in full-electric mode. When the ICE is off, the front motors give the car a maximum speed of 135 km/h.

2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale

The control logic optimally manages the power flows focussing on either efficiency or performance as required. The driver can use the eManettino selector on the steering wheel to choose from four different power management modes. In eDrive mode, the internal combustion engine is turned off and traction is entrusted entirely to the front axle; in Hybrid mode, it favours battery energy depletion and manages transitions autonomously, maximising the full-electric range; in Performance mode, the internal combustion engine is kept running as the priority is on maintaining consistent performance, rather than on achieving the peak power; and in Qualifying, the system unleashes its maximum power output, thanks to a control logic that prioritises performance, using the brand-new extra boost function.

2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale
2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale – steering wheel

The SF90 XX Stradale and the SF90 XX Spider retain the 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox that made its first appearance in the Ferrari range on the SF90 Stradale. However, the gear-shift logic has changed significantly: the car uses the patented logic introduced on the Ferrari Daytona SP3 to reach more engaging dynamic acceleration profiles. Furthermore, the new logic improves the gear-shift sound by introducing an exhaust note similar to the overrun on lift-off noise typical of high-performance driving at medium/high revs.

2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale-interior



Type V8 – 90° – twin turbo

Overall displacement 3990 cc

Bore and stroke 88 mm x 82 mm

Max. power output* 586 kW (797 cv) at 7900 rpm

Max. torque 804 Nm at 6250 rpm

Max. revs** 8000 rpm

Compression ratio 9.54:1

Specific power output 200 cv/l

Hybrid system

Maximum power electric motors 171 kW (233 cv)

Battery capacity 7.9 kWh

Max. range under electric power 25 km


Length 4850 mm

Width 2014 mm

Height 1225 mm

Wheelbase 2650 mm

Front track 1683 mm

Rear track 1674 mm

Dry weight*** 1560 kg

Dry weight/power ratio 1.51 kg/cv

Weight distribution 44% front / 56% rear

Fuel tank capacity 68 litres


Front 255/35 ZR F20

Rear 315/30 ZR F20


Front CCM 398 x 223 x 38 mm

Rear CCM 390x 263 x 32 mm


8-speed F1 DCT


eSSC (electronic Side Slip Control) 1.0; E4WD; SCM; FDE 2.0; EPS; ABS EVO


Max. speed 320 km/h

0-100 km/h 2.3 s

0-200 km/h 6.5 s

Fiorano lap time**** n.d.


Under homologation

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